Multi-Element Ion Standards for Ion Chromatography

To perform fast and reliable calibration in ion chromatography, Bernd Kraft, Germany’s largest manufacturer of laboratory chemicals, offers a broad range of ready-to-use multi-element anion and cation standards. Ranging from three anion standards (Cl-, NO3-, SO42-) to five anion standards (Cl-, NO3-, SO42-, Br-, F-) to a variety of eight anion standards, our portfolio meets your needs. The cation standards we offer range from four cation standards (for example Ca2+, K+, Mg2+, Na+) to six cation standards to nine cation standards.

Based on ISO 9001 and our more than 40 years of experience, we prepare our ion chromatography standards exclusively in Germany and in compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards. Nearly all IC standards are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). These specified, selected multi-element ion standards are examples of our wide range of custom-made standards, more than 100 of which we have already prepared in the past.


Multi-Element Ion Standards for IC: An Overview

Anion-Multi-Element Standards

2 Anions   3 Anions   5 Anions   6 Anions   7 Anions   8 Anions        

Cation-Multi-Element Standards

4 Cations   5 Cations   6 Cations   9 Cations                
Container Size   Concentration1)   Matrix2)   Container

0,5 l


1.000 mg / l



Nitric Acid

Phthalic Acid


Sodium Hydroxide Solution


Safety Bottle

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Multi-element IC ion standards to meet your requirements
Bernd Kraft prepares standards for ion chromatography exactly according to your specifications. Decades of experience speak for themselves: our database contains a large variety of formulations.

The advantages are obvious:
You do not need to purchase raw materials for the IC multi-element ion standards that you require in only small amounts. No expensive excess amounts are left over, dosing errors no longer occur and there are no more shelf life issues, saving you time and money.


1) The concentration depends on the respective ion. On request we can produce any standard in the concentration you need.

2) The matrix depends on the respective ions and their combination.