Solvent / Water Mixtures

Ready-to-use solvent / water mixtures play an important role in chemical and analytical laboratories. Whether for sample preparation, for use as a liquid chromatography solvent or as a reagent for analysis, we offer just the right solvent for your application. Bernd Kraft, Germany’s largest manufacturer of laboratory chemicals, therefore offers ready-to-use solvent / water mixtures in various mixing ratios. We can also produce solvent mixtures according to your specifications and requirements.

Based on ISO 9001 and our more than 40 years of experience, we prepare our solvent mixtures exclusively in Germany and in compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards. The majority of the solvent / acid mixtures is mixed volumetrically.


Solvent / Water Mixtures: An Overview

Acetone : Water
40 : 60
60 : 40
75 : 25
90 : 10
  Acetonitrile : Water

79 : 21

  Tetrahydrofuran : Water

83,3 : 16,7

  Triethanolamine : Water

50 : 50

Container Size   Container

0,5 l

1,0 l

2,5 l


Glass Bottle

Safety Bottle

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Solvent mixtures according to your requirements
Bernd Kraft prepares its solvent mixtures exactly according to your specifications. Decades of experience speak for themselves: our database contains a large number of formulations.

The advantages are obvious:
Your lab staff does not need to produce a mixture consisting of several, possibly dangerous substances. This helps you protect your most valuable asset: your employees. No expensive excess amounts are left over, dosing errors no longer occur and there are no more shelf life issues, saving you time and money. Each container is, of course, perfectly labelled according to current legal requirements.