Reference Buffer Solutions According to DIN 19266

pH measurements can only be as precise as the buffer solution used for calibration. Bernd Kraft provides a selection of high quality pH buffers for your specific applications. All calibration solutions are stabilized and available in convenient bottles and different container sizes.

Based on ISO 9001 and our more than 40 years of experience, we prepare our pH buffers exclusively in Germany and in compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards. All buffer solutions according to DIN 19266 are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and thus safe to use. The stated pH values correspond to a temperature of 25°C.

Reference Buffer Solutions: An Overview

pH 1.680   pH 3.775   pH 4.008   pH 6.865   pH 7.416   pH 9.184   pH 10.012   pH 12.454
Container Size   Container

0.25 l

0.5 l

1.0 l

5.0 l

10.0 l


Safety Bottle

Plastic Canister



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Convenient buffer boxes for your calibration tasks
Our XS buffer boxes are the ideal solution for a variety of calibration issues in the lab and in processes. A box contains 30 small containers each with 25 ml of readily prepared buffer solution. They are homogeneously sorted, either coloured or uncoloured or as an assortment of frequently required pH values between pH 1.00 and pH 11.00.

Each 25 ml container carries a seal of authenticity, allowing you to immediately identify whether it has been opened or not. If unopened, contamination by carbon dioxide, microorganisms or other substances can be ruled out.