Set of pH calibration solutions with different pH values

Our XS Buffer Boxes are the ideal solution for a variety of calibration issues in the lab and in processes. A box contains 30 small containers, each with 25 ml of readily prepared buffer solution. They are homogeneously sorted, either coloured or uncoloured or as an assortment of frequently required pH values.

Each 25 ml container carries a seal of authenticity, allowing you to immediately identify whether it has been opened or not. If unopened, contamination by carbon dioxide, microorganisms or other substances can be ruled out.

You can thus be sure to get your calibration right, no matter when or where you perform it. The mouth of the flasks is wide enough for any standard electrode to be introduced. This allows you to perform calibration directly in the container. The buffer solutions come in stable plastic bottles with a screw cap, so handling is very convenient. Each box contains its batch certificate, giving you all the information you need for your quality management and documentation, including uncertainty of measurement, pH values at various temperatures, traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) and shelf life.

In summary, the core benefits:

  • Ready to use immediately and anywhere
  • Seal of authenticity, so no risk of contamination
  • Easy to use - measurement performed directly in the container
  • Easy handling, maximum convenience
  • All buffer solutions are traceable to NIST
  • Batch-specific certificate with all the necessary information


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