Efficiency and environmental protection are not incompatible. On the contrary: with our “Responsible Care®” commitment, our patented process for working up titrated CSB solutions and our packaging return service, you don’t just save time and costs. You also help to protect the environment.

With its commitment to Responsible Care®, Bernd Kraft® voluntarily goes beyond its legal and regulatory obligations. Responsible Care® is a global initiative by the chemical industry to continuously improve processes with regards to environmental protection, health and safety.

Environmental protection is the focus of our patented processing method for spent COD solutions. Every year we recover around 400 kg of mercury and 80 kg of silver and feed it back into the materials cycle. Another significant environmentally friendly practice is our container refill service: once you have purchased one of our containers, it remains your property - we can refill it as often as you want. Our free returns service is similarly efficient and environmentally friendly: when we deliver our products, we can dispose of the outer packaging and your empties free of charge, which drastically reduces your storage costs.

Responsible Care® Guidelines


The Responsible Care® Guidelines pertain mainly to the following areas:

Safe and secure storage

All items are stored in accordance with the legal requirements to rule out hazardous effects on humans and the environment, to prohibit access by unauthorised parties, to prevent quality impairment and to support the value chain by short transportation routes and easy sourcing.

Environmental protection

Bernd Kraft is actively engaged in environmental protection. Since 1989, we have applied our patented processing method of spent COD solutions, with which we make the contained mercury and silver available again for future use. Every year we recover 400 kg of mercury and 80 kg of silver from the about 38 tons of COD solutions we take back. We feed these metals back into the materials cycle.

Transportation safety

We transport chemicals by road in our own vehicles, which are operated by specially trained drivers. Other carriers are commissioned only if they can guarantee safe transportation.


Open communication is part of our corporate culture at Bernd Kraft. We promote exchanging safety information between us and our customers.

Employee safety

Our workflows are clearly defined to ensure that our employees are protected from harm when handling our products. We regularly train our staff and use the latest technology.

Plant safety

Our manufacturing processes are designed not to have any harmful effects on the environment and on our employees.

Comprehensive product stewardship

We make every effort to recognize potential dangers that our products may pose. This includes assessing potential risks and taking measures to prevent or mitigate risks. We at Bernd Kraft do not deliver products to private individuals. The current safety data sheets can be downloaded from our website at any time.

Responsible Care® Certificate

We at Bernd Kraft are deeply committed to following the guidelines laid down by the initiative. Our activities are scrutinised independently in regular audits and inspections. We are proud that we can also demonstrate this with the current Responsible Care® Certificate.

See the following document for more information about the Responsible Care® Initiative