Bernd Kraft - your laboratory chemicals. That’s how you know us. And it's true: our ready-to-use mixtures have made your daily routines in the analytical laboratory easier, faster and more cost-effective. And we’ve set standards in the market. But that's still not enough for us. We want to become even better.

New and improved services for our customers

In Thomas Brunner, we have taken an expert with extensive experience in the analytical industry on board as our Commercial Director. Thomas Brunner and his team will continue to optimize our services for you:

  • Comprehensive consulting services in all matters relating to legal issues such as the implementation of the REACH EU regulations on chemicals as well as occupational health and safety
  • In-house workshops on occupational health and safety
  • Supply and development of substitute products to implement the EU’s REACH regulations.

Fighting and winning for you

For years, Dr Jochen Kraft has fought for you to exempt chemical analytics from the EU chemicals legislation REACH. The results have been impressive: analytics are now officially treated like scientific research and development. As a consequence, these end uses are now conveniently exempt from the REACH authorization requirement.

As you can see, at Bernd Kraft we are committed to you and your needs, so that you can work better and more safely in your laboratory.

Left: Dr Jochen Kraft, proprietor and Technical Director of Bernd Kraft GmbH

Right: Thomas Brunner, Commercial Director of Bernd Kraft GmbH